Varanasi Places

Varanasi, additionally also referred to as Banaras and Kashi, is a district within the Indian state of Uttarpradesh. It is located on the banks of the river Ganges. It is considered a City of God by Buddhists and Jains, and is that the holiest place within the world in Hinduism (and center of earth in Hindu Cosmology). It is one in every of the oldest continuously inhabited cities within the world and possibly the oldest of India.
The culture of Varanasi is closely related to the river Ganges and therefore the river’s spiritual importance. Town has been a cultural and religious centre in North India for many thousand years. The Benares Gharana type of Indian classical music developed in Varanasi. American author mark twain wrote “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and appears double as recent as all of them place along.”

Annapoorna Devi Temple
Annapurna or Annapoorna is that the Hindu divinity of nourishment. Anna means that food and grains. Purna means that full, complete and excellent. She is form of parvati, the consort of Shiva. The most well-known temple dedicated to goddess Annapurna is in Varanasi, Uttarpradesh India. Adjacent to the Sanctum of the divinity is that the Kasi Viswanath temple. Annapurna is considered the queen of Varanasi alongside her husband Vishweshwar (Shiva), the King of Varanasi. In the temple, at midday time, food offerings to the divinity are distributed to the old and disabled daily. Throughout the autumn Navaratri food is distributed on a larger scale.

Asi Ghat

Asi Ghat, the staircase situated at the confluence of Assi river and therefore the holy Ganges River, is that the southernmost ghat in Kashi. The ghat is far-famed for a spectacular and huge Shiva lingam placed underneath a Peepal Tree. This is a favorite spot for Hindu devotees to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva when taking holy dip within the river.
This religiously necessary place got its reference in many Puranas, as well as Matsya Purana, Kurma Purana, Hindu deity Purana and Padma Purana. Legendary stories describe this ghat because the place wherever Goodess Durga thrown out her sword after killing the asura demons Shumbha- Nishumbha.
The place breasts one more ancient Shiva temple enshrining a Shiva lingam famously called Asisangameshwar lingam. It had been at this place the far-famed saint poet Tulasi Das completed the famous writing Ramcharitmanas. Hindu devotees throng to the present ghat to require holy dip within the confluence and it is a really busy place with performance of Hindu religious rituals throughout the year.

Baba Keenaram Sthal

Baba Keenaram Sthal is one in every of the oldest Shakti Peethas and religious centers within the world. The complete name of this place is Baba Keenaram Sthal-Kreem Kund, located at Ravindrapuri in Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh, India. Here the body of Baba Keenaram jee is buried in a very tomb that is known because the Samadhi. Although this place is known because the work place of great saint Baba Keenaram jee and introduced by his name, it is believed to be thousands year old.
This place is considered the headquarters and pilgrim of followers of Aghora. Baba. It’s one of the foremost visited places of Varanasi, by foreign tourists, writers, researchers and documentary manufacturers. The current head (Abbot), since 1978, of this place is Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram.

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